Guide-Rails® is the first complete enterprise DevOps platform that provides a fully-integrated, fully-automated software factory with all the capabilities needed for an organization to fully leverage the cloud and achieve the highest levels of DevOps performance.

Speed and stability without tradeoffs

Speed comes from freeing teams of repetitive, mundane, low-level tasks that get in the way of higher-level problem solving. Stability is gained by making it easy to do things the right way. Guide-Rails® provides the mechanism to ensure well-crafted code zips from commit to production in minutes.

On-ramp to the cloud… any cloud

Whether your teams are building well-factored, cloud-native applications, or migrating conventional applications to the cloud, Guide-Rails® can help. The platform can build and package almost any software and deploy it to almost any cloud, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and VMWare vSphere.

Secure to the core

Guide-Rails® was designed and built from the ground up with the security and privacy of your data in mind. It leverages full end-to-end encryption so that your code, configuration and data are protected at all times. The same mechanisms that we use to ensure that the platform is secure – and stays that way – are available to you on day 1.

Everything works together

Guide-Rails® sits at the center of your software development, delivery and operations process, where it replaces the need for many commercial tools, yet integrates seamlessly with many of the point solutions that you are already using.

Guide-Rails® At-a-Glance

See for yourself what Guide-Rails® is all about. No other platform gives you this level of visibility, automation, and control of your software factory.

Engineer Console

Engineers instantly get the information that matters most for creating high-quality software. Don’t waste time digging through multiple systems to find key metrics or issues with your application or infrastructure - it’s all in one place with Guide-Rails®.

Performance Console

Quickly gauge the performance of your software factory at a glance. Track the metrics that correlate to success. Know exactly where to re-focus teams to ensure faster and higher quality output.

Admin Console

Guide-Rails® makes mastering DevOps complexity simple. You empower your teams to efficiently, autonomously create and release software to cloud at blazing speed while retaining all the control needed to govern a large-scale software delivery organization.
Seeing is believing
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