Calculi's Area of Expertise

Cloud Enablement

Stuck in the datacenter? Guide-Rails® is the fastest and easiest on-ramp to the cloud…any cloud.
Using Guide-Rails®, large enterprises can quickly lift and shift most workloads to the cloud with ease. But, continually operating effectively requires some guidance.
Calculi’s cloud enablement services help Guide-Rails® customers maintain their new sped up software pipeline with best practices in security, software architecture and economics of cloud operations.

Application Modernization

Ongoing innovation is critical to business success in today’s digital environment. Modernizing applications to be more scalable, reliable and quickly changeable is key to driving innovation, improving customer experiences, boosting reliability and security, and staying competitive.
Calculi’s application modernization services help Guide-Rails® customers take full advantage of modern technologies including cloud, containers, software-defined-everything and advanced operational analytics.

Leading Transformation

People, not technology, are the cause of most failures in DevOps transformations. Strong leadership and a clear strategy for changing culture are key to accelerating a successful transformation.
Calculi’s leadership services provide Guide-Rails® customers with proven strategies and guidance in what it takes to lead large-scale organizational change in the enterprise.
Seeing is believing
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