Guide-Rails® benefits businesses of all kinds. Here are a few stories of real-world results.

Financial Services

A Fortune Global 500 financial services firm that we worked with is under pressure to deliver high-quality, highly engaging applications to their user communities at a faster pace than ever before. The firm also has a goal to reduce cost to deliver and operate all of its software by 20% in the next 3 years.
With Guide-Rails®, the firm was able to quickly migrate a number of classic C/C++ back office systems from a mostly-manual build and deployment process in the datacenter to an automated CI/CD process deploying to multiple cloud providers. And they did this without compromising security or compliance controls.


A Fortune 100 telecommunications company in the midst of a multi-year transformation of its software development and delivery processes looked to Calculi for guidance. Their previous efforts to modernize infrastructure (i.e. adoption of cloud) and applications (i.e. refactoring to cloud-native) had limited results due to lack of cross-team coordination, visibility and consistency.
Within 3 months of using Guide-Rails® for the first time, the company saw the following results:
  • Automated CI/CD workflows for 20 applications spanning C/C++, Java/J2EE, & Spring Cloud
  • Elimination of manual tasks for provisioning/deprovisioning AWS cloud infrastructure
  • Faster feedback to teams; reduced cycle times (source to production-ready) by 200%
  • Complete lifecycle view into delivery process with full traceability from source-to-production
  • Efficiency gains across the 20 applications that result in $1,102,500 annual savings
Seeing is believing
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